Friday, 29 November 2013

As of today, Leapfrog is being taken south to her new home...Its sad to see her go,

Sailing on Leap Frog

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Frog Adventures over Easter

Leapfrog, had become a wee bit mouldy, from the humidity up here, and a lack of use, due to a lack of time. Easter saw the perfect opportunity for a sail and therefore a demould and clean-up, she cleaned up very well and was soon the sparkling frog again.

We sailed in convoy with Max on "Murphys Law" with his crew Nick and Brian out to Green Island, it picked up to a good 20 knot breeze, south east, so we had a nice tight reach out to the island. It was a bit bumpy, but definatley bearable and great to be on the water. The snorkeling was OK, lots of big fish, turtles, rays, but he coral fairly bleached and depleted from a combination of tourism and cyclone Yasi.

Gin and Tonics saw the first night in, accompanied by gourmet cheeses, dips crackers and chitter chatter.

Easter Sunday, Brian the Easter Bunny delivered some eggs, and then we went and explored the Island, very touristy and boat loads of daytrippers constantly coming in.

Max and crew decided to head back to Cairns, and Scott and I decided to go to Mission Bay and get some protection from the now 25 knot south easter, was a hard on the nose sail, but we got there in the end - no swimming here as crocodiles inhabit Mission Bay, relaxing, reading, cooking sausages on the BBQ. A strong wind warning was warned for the next day, so we headed back to Cairns, it was about 25-30 knots so a hard sail, but good old Leapfrog handled the conditions well.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Post cyclone Yasi

Hi All,

(this is a photo from BOM which give you a sense of the size of this thing...)

i guess that you know that we are fine and dandy. But the impact in my old home town of Tully, and where my parents live in south mission beach has been "full on".. we went to visit the parents the other day, see some photos from that trip...

on the way to mission beach

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Just letting you all know that the frog is up the river as is Max keens Boat, we are all ok here, but its a bit stressful.

Time for a cyclone PARTY

Sailing on Leap Frog

Friday, 7 January 2011

Leapfrog - The floating Kombi

Scott skipperd on departing the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron, and Tony was Chauffered on the Frog, Leapfrog has become a floating Kombi, and has embraced her new adventures in FNQ. As the sensational news reported Cyclone Tasha hit just south of Cairns on Christmas morning. There was no evidence of even a deck chair moving on the balcony, or a leaf falling from a tree in Whitfield - it was wet though, so a drive just south of Cairns we found the Mulgrave River at Gordonvale in full flood - what once was a picnic park toilet bloke etc was gone - under water - we drove to Josephine Falls and WOW what a falls it was - gushing like a mad thing. There were some banana trees down and some minor flooding o the highway - in fact it was cut off, but in gerneral all was OK.

After monitoring the weather, and checking the Frog Scott and I decided to set sail on the 27th, and head south with the predicted N/E winds - planning to get as far as Hinchinbrook Island.

Leaving late in the day - we made for Fitzroy Island - and being after dark on arrival threw down the pick amongst the moorings and set for a rolly night sleep.

Waking early the next morning and wanting to get south, we had a big sail on the nose to Mourilyan Harbour - the predicted northelies were now southerlies - 10 hours later we arrived through down the pick. Beautiful spot, very calm and sheltered harbour.

Then onto the North Barnard group, a quick sail - 3 or 4 hours and we were on Kent Island, next to Jessie Island, it was a great spot, and a part a few day trippers we were the only ones there - a deserted Island paradise. The snorkeling was OK lots of fish, but coral a bit on the biege side.

Then it was New Years Eve so we set sail for Dunk Island, and checked into the resort for a much appreciated comfy bed, some fine food, ice cold drinks, and live music - it was expensive but great. The weather turned nasty so we sat out the storm on Dunk Island.

The weather wasn't looking great, so decided to head north again in the predictedd southerlies, that were now northerlies, we sailed to Mourilyan Harbour to sit and wait for high tide and go up the Johnstone River in Innisfail, although we slept in and missed the high tide - now saved for the next adventure.

So headed straight for High Island in the Franklin group and got a doozy of a storm on the way, lightning is scary when you are the only thing in the middle of the ocean.

High Island had a mooring so we picked her up, and sat there for the night - crocodiles were a problem here so only quick swims.

Back to Fitzroy Island - beautiful day - great snorkeling, lots of fish and good coral for Island coral.

And home again - what an adventure was had. If anyone would like to donate to the bigger faster yacht fund - please forward the appropriate funds to the "Frog Sailing Appeal".

Monday, 6 December 2010

Sandy Cay - Arlington Reef Trip

The first adventure to the reef on Leapfrog, nothing short of amazing.
We left Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron on Thursday night after a long day of Tony cleaning the mould and noodles off the boat and packing and preparing for our adventure - at approx 32 degrees and 80% humidity, Tony sweated off about 5kg in preperations.
Scott finished work a quick dash to the bottlo and some last minute supplies from home, we set for the yacht club, a couple of glasses of red and dinner with Maxwell we set off down the channel and out to Mission Bay.

After a celebratory scotch we set down for an early night. Waking early On Friday to a pod of Dugongs swimming close by the boat, we had some coffee and fruit and setting sail we passed Green Island - to be explored another day.

And then on to Sandy Cay which is in the middle of Michealmas and Arlington Reef, very similar to the below picture - we were the only boat there on Friday night and picked up a National Parks mooring.

We sat here for two days, snorkeling, swimming, reading, sleeping, eating and the occasional scotch on the rocks - it was pure magic.

It was hot - humid - we need to work out better airflow - we need more room for guests to share this wonderful place - maybe we'll sell the lovely frog - and go for something with a bit more room and airconditioning - am I dreaming - slap- slap - wake up - I'm awake - still dreaming though.

Monday, 29 November 2010

LeapFrog in Cairns

Leapfrog has reached Cairns, thanks to Chris and his crew, she is now sitting on a pile berth in Smiths Creek - Trinity Inlet for the moment. We have had two sails on her one too Double Island for a picnic, which took 4 hour to get too and 8 hours to get home. And another sail just up Trinity Inlet and back. This weekend we hope to go out to the reef and anchor overnight, or maybe Fitzroy Island - weather dependant - lots to explore but everywhere at least 1 day if not 2 days sail away.